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Monday, March 06, 2006

mom and dad


fathers and sons...

Top left: Dad with umbrella; Top right: Me with umbrella;

Bottom: My grandfather and I

my mom and me

my sis and me

mini me

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

baby snaps

pinky, joy and ma

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Family Tree for Joy

Uttar Rariya Kayastha – Ghosh

Preface :

Bibhanu Upakarnak was born in the family of Chitragupta. His son, Suryadhwaj, was Nripoti (King) of Ghosh dynasty. By the grace of Sun God, he was living in Suryakhya Nagar. His sons gradually started spreading to various places. Somebody established at Chandrahasgiri (some place in Deccan) and was named as Chandrahasgiriswar ( King of Chandrahasgiri). Some went to Ayoddhya and Maddhya Pradesh. In the family of Chandrahasgiriswar, Suryapad was born. Sri Som Ghosh was the son of Suryapad.

It is gathered from old writings that due to natural calamity, Som Ghosh moved on to Kannya-kubja in around 882 AD where Bhojdeb was the King. He was also known as ‘Aadisur’ or ‘Aadityasur’. Aadisur decided to perform ‘Yagna’ and on this occasion decided to offer good places to some five (5) travelers. At that time, besides Som Ghosh, 4 other high level Kayastha-s namely Anadibar Singha, Purusottam Das, Sudarsan Mitra and Deb Dutta also came to Aadisur. Of these 5 Kayasthas, Som and Anadibar arrived from Ayodhya, Purusottam from Mathura, Sudarsan and Deb from Mayapuri.

Capital of Aadisur was at Singheswar which is known to be situated in a village named ‘Singa’, a little away from Nasipur in Mursidabad Dist of West Bengal.

Som Ghosh was offered a place named ‘Joyjan’ for his residence along with Jamindari for 127 villages and enough of money to establish himself. Similarly, Anadibar Singha was also offered place on the western flank of Hoogly and Jamindari of 400 villages to establish himself. The other 3 Kayastha-s were not known to be honored as Som and Anadibar (they being descendents of famous Kings of Deccan). They were made courtesan and gradually established themselves.

There was another system of identification of caste as ‘GOTRA’, which means sons of ‘Muni’-s. The GOTRA of above named Kayasthas were : Ghosh – Soukalin Gotra i.e. descendants of Soukalin Muni; Singha – Batsya Gotra from Batsya Muni; Das – Moudgallya Gotra i.e. decendants of Moudgallya Muni; Mitra – Biswamitra Gotra from Biswamitra Muni and Dutta – Kashyap Gotra i.e. from Kashyap Muni. Similarly, Bramhins and other castes have their identification with some Gotra also.

(Above details are summarized from a book named ‘Uttar Rariya Kayastha Kanda’)

Though we may not be very conscious about all this and seldom use it, for the records, we belong to UTTAR RARIYA KAYASTHA group having SOUKALIN gotra.

At the moment, we have family tree from 6 levels above JOY starting from SANATAN Ghosh. A descriptive detail of the family tree (as in January 2006) is as follows:

Sanatan had two sons named : Shibcharan and Durgacharan.

Shibcharan had two sons named : Radhanath and Kedarnath.

Durgacharan (wife – Subhadra) had 7 sons named : Iswar, Madhab, Deenanath, (not known), Sreenath, Brindaban and Gireesh.

Sreenath (wife – Sourav Sundari) established at Amarpur in Hoogly dist and had two children named : Boikunthanath and Kishoribala (husband - Nagendranath Ray)

Boikunthanath (wife – Bhuban Mohini) established at Shibpur in Howrah Dist.. and had three sons named : Nagendranath (wife – Koruna Bala ), Kalikinkar and Krishnashankar (wife – Arati)

Kalikinkar (wife – Renuka ) (Shibpur) had three children named : Himansu Bhushan, Sudhansu and Indira (husband – Shyamapada )

Himansu Bhushan ( wife – Parbati ) established in Kolkata has two children named Sucheta (husband – Janardan ) settled in Sydney, Australia, and Joy (wife - Alpina) settled in California, USA.

Sanatan / Durgacharan known to have shifted from Kandi in Murshidabad dist. But exact details could not be collected as yet. Attempt is on to link between Som Ghosh and Sanatan Ghosh. When this is done, the family tree can be completed.

If that is not possible, ancestors are advised to continue to add on to this chart.